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PsychDirectory is a directory of psych-related services. The information in the directory is self-reported. PsychDirectory does not examine, determine, warrant or endorse the information on any of the entries in the directory. Use of this directory is voluntary and will not result in any liability against PsychDirectory. In no event shall PsychDirectory be liable for damages to any user of the directory for the voluntary selection of any mental health professional, for the services provided by any companies and individuals listed herein, or for any other damages which may occur.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the difference between a directory and a referral service. A directory is simply a list of professionals or businesses, and no recommendations, guarantees or endorsements are made regarding the quality of service you might expect from any of the professionals or businesses listed. An example of a directory is Smart Yellow Pages or White Pages, where no recommendations are expressed or implied, regarding the quality of services provided.

A referral service, on the other hand, is a screening service, and a recommendation is being made, with at least some endorsement of the professionals or businesses listed in the service. Usually, a referral service will require a professional or a business to meet some quality criteria before they are accepted into the referral service and included in the database. This might include certain professional qualifications, a specific number of years of experience, passing a special test or training program not required by everyone in the profession or business, an absence of consumer complaints about the professional or business, etc. The National Register of Health Service Providers is a good example, or the various Board Certifications, which all require passing an examination, in addition to basic licensing as a healthcare professional. Consequently, a referral service does not list everyone who requests admission to the service.

PsychDirectory is a series of directories, not a referral service. Note that even though PsychDirectory contains entries of various referral services in psych-related fields, PsychDirectory does not assume any responsibility for the recommendations, referrals, or endorsements made by these referral services. We do not verify the license or the qualifications of any professional or business listed. Where possible and applicable, we have included listings of various licensing boards and organizations that are able to provide you with information on the qualifications and the background of mental health professionals and businesses. Understand also that inclusion or omission of particular professionals, businesses, organizations, or services does not imply a recommendation, or lack of, by PsychDirectory.

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